PC Tune Up-Virus Removal

Houston PC Tune Up – Virus Removal

Remote Express PC Tune Up: $49

Why You Need this Deal:

You depend on your PC to perform efficiently, whether at home or at your business. If your computer has been running slow or having other computer challenges, take advantage of this money-saving offer to identify the source of the problem!

Remote Express PC Tune Up Service Includes:
  • Scan for and repair viruses, malware & spyware variants
  • Clean up start up
  • Eliminate unnecessary manufacturer pop-ups
  • Improve internet and download speed
  • Must be prepaid for the deal.
How it works:
  • Purchase the deal by clicking the yellow Buy Now button (Enter a Name and Phone Number in the text box)
  • We will contact you by phone or email to setup an appointment during regular business hours.
  • A technician will call you during your scheduled time to perform the service.

In-store Complete PC Tune Up: $99

Complete PC Tune Up Service Includes:
  • A+ certified computer technician will service your computer
  • Scan for and repair viruses, malware & spyware variants
  • Check for and install critical windows & security updates
  • Check & install any updated hardware drivers
  • Remove unnecessary temp files
  • Remove unnecessary programs loading in startup
  • Scan & check hard drive for bad sectors and orphaned files
  • Install free antivirus Software, and configure to scan automatically if needed.
  • Coupon cannot be combined with other specials or offers
  • For Remote Express PC Tune up, system must be able to boot to windows and Connect to the internet
  • Client must have a broadband (High speed) internet connection such as dsl, cable or T1
  • Service is for PC’s with Windows Operating systems (XP, Vista, 7, 8). Also available for apple products running Windows Operating systems in a Virtual Machine or Separate Boot Partition.
  • This offer is good for up to 2.5 hours of computer maintenance